Posted 1 year ago

I’m sorry for doing this

For those who are still searching for the “MLP is Real” Tumblr, or simply happened to stumble here, I wanted to say that I’m sorry for erasing all the content from my Tumblr.

I’m sorry for doing this, but I did it because I was tired of following people as this blog; I didn’t like that people could see me as a project I abandoned long ago. Tumblr doesn’t allow to change the order of your blogs, and the only alternative was to delete everything and start from scratch since MLP is Real was my main blog. The FAQ says that if you delete a main blog, the entire account is erased too.

I lost all the posts, followers and such, but if anyone is still interested on the photographs and comics I once uploaded, you can find them in my DeviantArt gallery or in FurAffinity.

Meanwhile, I’ll be on my mod blog, Sayer Raider.

I’m sorry for everything.